What to give a guy for or first Valentine's Day?

we've been together for 2months but we knew each other since I was seven years old and we really love each other so what do I get him?


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  • Well, while me and my ex were still dating... he told me that he thought valentines day was a holiday more for the females than the guys. So he really didn't expect a gift from me. But I felt like I really needed and wanted to give him something.. I'm pretty sure you feel the same way.. so one thing that is very apparent about guys, is that they love to eat. So maybe you can save up your money, and take him out to eat while you pay for it all. And I'm not talking about Burger King, or Mc D's. Some place really nice and different from your everyday eating establishment. For example, around the area I live, there is a restaurant that specializes in chocolate. Every food they make contains chocolate. Except the main dishes. It was amazing. So taking him out to eat at a place that is different might be very memorable.

  • I know you've probably heard this a lot, but I'd say really pay close attention to their interests. Like if they really like a specific country, make them something from that country. For example, if they really like Japan, make them an origami heart. (That's what I'm doing this Valentine's day :) )