How to NOT text him?

basically this guy I was seeing started blowing me off. I don't know why and even though I want to know I refuse to let him know that I care. how can I keep myself from texting him or trying to see him and talk to him about it? any tips to keep my mind off it?


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  • It's hard not to want to text him or call him. I say do something you like, you to movies with friends, have an all girl day and just get lost in having fun with your friends. Do things you love to get your mind off your problems and keep focused on fun and not your problems. Maybe even leave your phone home when you go out. Good Luck


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  • The best way I've found is to find stuff to do. Delete his number; (if you want to still contact him make an email contact on gmail or yahoo and fill his number in there. ) It's easier to resist if you don't have the contact info readily available and it gives you that extra few minutes to really decide do I need him?


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  • This has actually happened to me too, I mean trying not to text someone so much... I found the best thing to do is find friends or other people who will respond to you and text them instead. I know it's hard not to text someone you like. So, I started texting other guy friends, but they of course know I'm with someone. They are good friends and don't mind texting me at all. I even started the mobile IM to chat with friends throughout the day. It works for me. :)

    Other than that, you can generally try to rent movies, go to the mall, hang out with friends, whatever you can do to keep yourself busy.

    Try that and let us know how that goes!

    Good luck!