Is this a normal way for guys to approach women?

I was sitting at a table alone, and i see this guy sitting at a close table alone as well. Few minutes past he approched me and we started talking. He seemed nice and all, but i was a little shocked when he asked out of the blue if i had a boyfriend, and i said no have been single for awhile etc. then strangely enough he asked if i have been approched by a lot of guys. I said yes but simply ignore them because i do not have the desire for a relarionship just school. anway is this normal? also why did he asked if i get asked a lot by guys? what does that mean? should i be interested in a guy like this


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  • It's normal for more confident men and guys who are really well-socialized. He sounds a bit inexperienced, given the questions he asked... I wouldn't have asked them.

    It's normal... but it's getting increasingly uncommon, for a number of reasons which I'm not going to bother stating since, whatever.


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  • means he is interested in you and yes its normal for guys to do that


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  • Yup this is move most guys take it but you have to judge him, watch him and then go for relationship.

  • Sure it's normal. I mean hell you say you've been approached a lot you should know right?

    • Let me rephrase I guess I haven't actually been approached but rather hit on and I never enage in actual conversations with guys who hit on me but rather shake my head in offered and go about my day. I guess this is the first time I engaged in a conversation with a guy I never met and was just astounded by what he asked. Anyway thanks for answering my questions but I will stick with my intuition and I don't believe if a guy had enough respect for a women he would ask her personal questions when first meeting.

    • '' shake my head in offense''

    • I wouldn't know because I just let the chips fall where they may. I say how I feel and if she doesn't like it then it's whatever.

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