I think my friend is dating my crush?

Ok so there's this girl I've liked for a year that I've recently started getting close to. About a week ago she told me how she was single and never had a boyfriend (we're 19) I was obviously happy hearing this so I decided I would tell her how I felt 2 days ago.
Long story short I was a wuss and didn't tell her. The same day I see her hanging around late outside uni so I ask her if she was waiting for someone, she tells me she's waiting for a guy (a friend of mine). He didn't even come in for lessons that day so I'm pretty sure it was a date.
I felt pretty crushed and he was like the only friend that didn't know I liked her so it's all my fault.
Should I ask her if it was a date? Should I let her go?

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  • Let her go
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  • Pursue her as normal
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  • I would ask your friend though, instead of the girl, since you know you're friend more I would assume.

    • Sigh that sounds like the right thing to do but there's this bad side in my head saying if he doesn't tell me they're going out she's fair game. But I know thats wrong.

    • Well technically if they aren't dating she *is* fair game so you could ask her out and see how things go. Regardless if she is dating him and he doesn't tell her she's sure to. I would ask your friend first just in case asking the girl seems weird.

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