Does She Like Me?

So I'm a Freshman and she's a Sophomore and we only have one class together. On the first week of school she said hey to me and was shy about it. As the weeks went on we had a seat change and we sit next to each other. We started to know more about each other. We started to say hi to each other in the halls and walked together at passing period. All of a sudden she started to ignore me in the halls. She still talks to me not to mention she always blushes at me (fucking adorable). Is this a sign she likes me because I love her.


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What Girls Said 1

  • She might like you, but it's hard tell. She definitely likes you as at least a friend, but it's hard to tell if she likes you as anything more than that. From what you said about her saying hi in the halls and then suddenly ignoring you in the halls, that could mean a couple of things. I have done similar things to this with guys in the halls for various reasons. The first may be that she likes you, but she may be afraid you don't feel the same way, so she stopped saying hi in the halls because she may feel as if she is annoying you or that you don't feel the same way about her. Another reason she might be doing this is that she might have started to like someone else. Sorry. this may not be the case, but it's deffinetly a possibility. My best advice to you is to just keep flirting with her and see how she reacts. If she reacts positively, then great! But if she reacts negatively, then maybe it's better to just be friends. Best of luck!! :-)


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  • hard to say based on the limited interaction. its safe to say she doesn't dislike you. but, until you get to know her a bit more i wouldn't count on her daying yes if u asked her to a dance.