What should I do about this?

I'm not sure how to feel about this. I love my girlfriend and says she is in love with me but why would she do something like this?

I know this is a long read but please I really need advice.

Starting off I had a feeling about 2 months ago something was up with my girlfriend. So for the first time ever I decided to snoop through her phone.. Trust me I didn't want to but I just needed to know what was going on. I found out that 2 days prior to me looking at her phone when she cancelled our plans she cancelled because some guy told her that she liked him. A guy she liked all semester of last semester at school, within the hour of him telling her she cancelled our plans and made plans with him. She was going to go meet up with this guy at his college. She was 50/50 on me and this guy and she said she would decide right there and then if she was with him. I woke her up and she denied everything at first. Then she said she was going to meet up with him to talk about what happened between them. (She ended up calling me that day and hanging out with me instead, because as she was on her way there he cancelled on her.) Whatever, I forgave her for that. But she changed her phone password soon after to use fingerprint and she claimed it was because coworkers found out her password and were photobombing her phone. But you can take pictures without unlocking on an iphone. And just recently I found her liking this guys pictures when she told me she took him out of her life completely. Liking another's pictures isn't removing them from your life; it's asking for attention from them. Please I need REAL advice. Thank you all who answer! She tells me that she is in love with me, but why would something like this happen?


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  • You need to have a serious conversation with her and confront her about this. If she's already on social media giving attention to him then no that is definitely not removing him from her life. That is the opposite. At this point I'd honestly ask yourself if this is all worth it. She doesn't seem to care much of your relationship if she's investing time into another guy. Unless they are close friends there's' no reason to be keeping him there especially if she had feelings for him in the past. Those are major red flags and tells me somewhere inside she still has something for him.


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  • Hehe, dude, I was in the same prob. Yea like the girls said, have a looong honest talk about it with her. If it all starts to get emo, ask her if she wants a break because you can't let all this "insecurity" eat you up. Besides, you dont want love to pain you, do you. Tell her you love her, just dont show that your game is weak. definitely THAT guy has something your dont. So dont dispare, UPGRADE YOUR GAME.

    Act like all is normal, come on your a man, dont let her iphone control you. One day she's gonna be weak, when everything crashes down, she's gonna need someone to lean on. That would be you.


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  • bro... seems you lost your chick.
    you should really talk it out with her. preferably face-to-face...

  • maybe she has mixed feelings, your still probably both kind of young. been there, got the t-shirt. maybe she likes the attention from the other guy.. or your not giving her enough? just speak to her about it or give her the ultimatum you or him.


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