Normal relationship or abnormal relationship?

So... I have been dating a guy for a month. We go on dates when we have time, such as going bowling, having lunch or dinner and going for movies. He's a really nice guy to hang out with. I always feel happy to be with him.

It seems like the relationship is progressing quite well, however, i don't feel so. I realised we haven't progressed much yet (he agreed too). We have never spoke to each other through phone calls. Is this normal? I felt that the both of us have nothing much to talk about, because i only knew him about 3 months ago before stepping into a relationship. I did talked to him about this, and I listed a few possibilities about our relationship, for example, lack of communication. I always have a feeling things may go awkward between us. He said that we did try to put in effort, but he doesn't think that communication is the problem here. And i asked hiim "then what?", he said he dont know. I felt that we are still not close to each other.

So far our communication consists of daily questions like "whatchu doing?", morning and night texts etc. A tint of dirty talk, not much flirty messages.

What could possibly went wrong? Do we still need to give each other time? What can I (or we) do to save the relationship? Is our relationship normal? Any ways to get the both of us closer to each other? I have tried asking questions to initiate longer conversation at least once a week. It somehow works, but after that we're back to the daily questions.

PS: it's his first time in a relationship, therefore I don't expect much from him to prevent disappointment, though i have high expectations.

Hope u guys can help me out!! ><


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