Ex asked to get back together?

One of my ex asked me to get back together. Honestly I never get back to any of my ex. For me, once it's over it's over forever. But this guy is my first guy, there's always something special with your first.

We broke up because he said he likes his own space. He once kicked me out from his place just because he wants to be alone.

He also said that I'm too much for him. I was way too demanding sexually (I was a virgin and wanna explore new things as much as I want).

Now he said that he wants me back.

Guys, if you are in his shoes, what exactly is going on in your head? Is it really because you miss me or you just want sex?
Girls, if you are in my shoes, do you girls will forgive him and go for it?


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  • In retrospect, getting back together with an ex doesn't sounds too unreasonable. However, unless your ex has changed a LOT I wouldn't touch that with a 10' pole.

    • you are right. unless he has changed a LOT. thank you sm for opened my mind

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  • If a guy leaves me, he better have the best reason on the planet to want me back. Honestly, 99.99 percent of the time, I wouldn't do it.

    • i really want you two to be my most helpful opinions lol. thank you sweety, you opened my mind

    • Haha thank you.

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