Is it there anyway to ask him for a kiss without it being weird?

So I've been with my boyfriend for about a year now but considering it's a long distance deal we haven't had the chance to kiss. Don't get me wrong it's not some freaky pen pal thing we do see each other over the summer. Anyway he might be coming out soon and I'm just want to kiss him so bad!

Thing is I've never kissed a guy and I'm terrified and he's a nervous wreck as well. Our one attempt at kissing last summer was interrupted and unfortunately it was right before he was leaving to head back home.

Would it be weird if I just asked? Both of us are so scared I think to make the first move and I think this would make it easier. I don't want to sound desperate though. I want it to be almost cute and clever but straight to the point.


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  • It's weird


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  • When the moment is right just do it. You will not even realize what happened. Don't think too much just go for it. When he comes back just give him a big kiss on the lips and gradually form there things could progress and before you know it, you'll be kissing ( without realizing it)


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  • Just do it(please dear god don't ask). It;ll make the relationship a little more flavorful if you do it. Upon a moment alone just put your hand on his face and lean in and get it done. You'll feel better


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