I Feel... Different?

For the longest time, I said I was in love with my first boyfriend (let's call him Nate). Anytime I ever dated another guy, Nate got in the way. I thought about him. I compared against him. And I always ran back to him. After every relationship. We always said we had a deeper love than others, and that's why we always came back together, even after 7 years of ups and downs.

I am seeing someone else now... And for the first time ever... I don't know if I love Nate anymore. I have dated other guys for prolonged periods (several months) and always said I still loved Nate, despite the fallout... But now, with this current guy, I question if I ever loved Nate at all.

The reason I question it is because, I feel like Penny on the "Big Bang Theory", when she talks about her relationships with Leonard. She says, "Maybe this is a new, boring type of love."

I am not ecstatic anymore. I am not all Googley- eyed and excited anymore... but I love going to Wal-Mart with him. I love cooking with him. And I am willing to put up with his annoying quirks. And I am absolutely terrified about it actually going somewhere and screwing it up, all at the same time.

Does this sound like real love?

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  • It's More Complicated Than That

  • If you truly love him you wouldn't be comparing him to your first boy friend in the first place