How to initiate holding hands/first kiss?

(We're high schoolers by the way) I started going out with this guy. We've been on two casual dates and have been kind of dating for about 2 weeks now. We haven't touched each other whatsoever and I want to at least hold hands. At some point, I'd like to kiss but it doesn't seem like he will do it first haha. He's really shy/awkward, how do I initiate this? Please no sexual comments.


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  • take them to the movies but prior to going to the movies wikpedia what happens in movie. Say if you predict what happens in the movie they have to kiss you... This is what I do on all my first dates... and just take their hand and hold it no one cares.


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  • The easiest way to get a guy to hold your hand is too lay it against his. Say you are at a movie put your arm on the armrest near him and let it drop onto his side, keep it there if he doesn't move, if he does just put your arm back up on the arm rest. If he didn't move your pinky under his hand if he doesn't pick it up by then, or react i dont know what else to tell you. This also works in school if you are standing by him or sitting and you let your hands brush and linger he will get the point. Any questions lol