Breaking Up? Girls, Guys have any insight?

I recently, broke up with my boyfriend but I agreed to still be friends with him. This sounds good because we don't hate each other but the problem is I think he's trying to get me back I caught him spying on me twice, he still talks to me non-stop trying to grab my attention, flirt, follows me around, and is frankly getting quite annoying! I need some advice. Girls, Guys have any insight? Thanks in advance!


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  • Well, since you did the breaking up AND you are still giving him attention, the guy still thinks in his heart of hearts that it means he has a chance, no matter how small it may be. You have to cut him a little slack since he obviously cared about you.

    On the same note, if you are feeling uncomfortable just tell him that if he keeps it up he will have to choose whether he wants to be your friend or nothing at all. There is a fine line between trying to win back a heart and stalking someone. You have to set the boundaries AND make him aware of where those boundaries are. You can't expect him to know what is annoying to you beyond the obvious.

    If it continues or gets worse, you may have to ask someone for help. Maybe a mutual friend, a teacher or someone if you are in school, or even some kind of authority if it goes that far. I would guess it will get better with time, especially if you just broke up. Just talk to him and be observant of the situation.


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  • Hes obviously trying to get back with you

    but it seems like he can't take a hint

    just tell him he has no chance. And that you aren't interested in him anymore


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  • In order to be friends with your ex you need to be certain that both of you are over the break up and whatever feelings you had toward each other during your relationship, otherwise you can't look at each other as friends because if one of you hasn't moved on it will turn exactly into this. A constant attempt to get back together.

    Better tell him you are obviously not ready to be friends yet and maybe someday when you have both clearly moved on you can get back on track and be friends.