Do guys really not care at all? I have a hard time understanding how girls care so deeply while guys just don't give a shit?

I'm not saying that this applies for every guy out there. But I had a shitty ex and recently met this guy who I liked even more. Though I noticed how he comments and likes other girls pictures on Instagram and I didn't like it because if he's into me he's into me. When he gets rid of me then he can do that. So I nicely said this to him, just explained and he told me that he's just out of a relationship and that he's not looking for a new one and that I shouldn't think that what we have will last? Which I don't understand because why the fuck do you start going out with me DAILY, talking to me every day, I mean the guy was more into me then I into him and then says that WE ARE NOT GOING TO HAPPEN? Like then why start anything at all? Find a slut, fuck her and problem solved!
by the way I'm a really good looking girl! I'm intelligent, fun, friendly, I'm a catch and even he kept and kept repeating it. Like for real me and this guy we are quite alike. But now he just dismised me so easily? He didn't even bother to say that he wants to keep seeing me or anything what so ever? He just said that that's how he is and when I said that I don't want to continue this (which was hard for me because I really liked him but I can't fall for him and later on get kikced in the ass) he said that he's sorry to hear that and that he doesn't want to push me into anything? And that he finds me really ''cool'' but that he's glad that I ended this before one of us got hurt?
And I respect his honesty and all but could he really care less? I don't get him!!!

And I really have to point out the fact that he really liked meee!!! He was so obvious about it! And PUBLIC TOO! He liked and commented my old pics and all of his friends knew about me! He didn't leave me alone? Wrote me a morning text, a good night text? And now just bye? It doesn't matter? Like what the hell? He even said that he's glad that I'm being so honest? No hard feelings at all? No sadness? No emotions what so fucking ever? I'm not used to this shit


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  • Well how long has it been since the break up? That being said I think he just missed someone being there and he did/said what he needed to to get comfort (that being you). That being said he did tell you the truth and that you don't get often. He could of just lied and kept you there until you weren't needed. I think you got away just in time. It was wrong for him to do that he should of came clean since the very start. This way you didn't have to expect anything and you would get hurt. I'm sorry it happened. On the good side I can see that you know your worth so keep that in mind. Someone will know your worth too and appreciate it. Good looking, smart, friendly and funny are all great qualities. Keep your chin up you'll find an amazing guy.

    • I would call it a breakup. We didn't define anything. We talked about this today. And yes I do know my worth and that the exact reason why I even 'ended' it. I'm simply surprised that he doesn't care AT ALL, that's it.

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    • No not the end of you encounter but the break up between him and his ex

    • Oh sorry! They broke up I think in September or october?

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  • May I just point out that you're under 18 and your life has hardly begun yet? There will be plenty of other guys, both good and bad.
    I feel like if the two of you never defined your relationship and he was flirting with you and other girls, that's all it was. He may have liked you, he may have not, but he didn't want a relationship so essentially he was playing with you all. It's best to just leave it in the past and let it be done with. There are plenty of other fish in the sea.

    • Haha don't misunderstand me, I'm well aware of all that you've said. This isn't about me being hurt, I couldn't care less, it's about my ego getting hurt. About the fact that this is the first guy who just cut me off so easily that's all. I'm not used to it. Other guys would never do that to me and please don't think that I'm shallow or ''too confident'' but that's a fact. He reacted differently and that surprised me :)

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    • Things*

    • You're very welcome :)


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  • I hate when girl stereotype guys just cuz u had a few fuckboys doesn't mean that we all are thats like saying all girls are sluts. And that dude did u a favor imagine if he cheated on you would u like that? No. So he kept u out of a situation that could've been bad look for the positive in this.

    • At the beginning I said that this doesn't apply for every guy. And yes I agree with the ''favor'' part too in a way. He was honest and all and so was I. All good there. I'm simply wondering how can he go from being 'all into me' into not caring if we never hear from each other again? I'm glad that we broke things off before we got in too deep, but that doesn't mean that I'm just all cold about it? The guy didn't even ask if I'm sure about it?

    • Sometimes we just know what is best and thought of all possibilities and maybe he wasn't trying to get to attach and then hurt someone he didn't want to hurt because in a way he care about ur feelings

  • Some guys care, but. It all. You have to be careful who to trust...


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  • Immature selfish and scared. I pity anyone having to date really young guys when men in their 40's are still often a pain in the a**.

    • Well I'm 17, nearly 18 and this guy is 21 so he is older then me. I'm simply really not used to this kind of behavior. It appears like he doesn't care one bit? I mean we got to know each other better, we talked everyday, HE was the one who wanted to see ME EVERYDAY. He did say that he doesn't want to force me into anything but this makes me question the fact if he even liked me. God.

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    • Exactly! I mean if he sees that this 'thing' is leading to nowhere then why bother at all?

    • This one guy was all 'since the last time I saw you, you look so happy and relaxed,' and then within two weeks he did so many things wrong I was miserable. My God please get lost. Even if I like you and you're impossible I can't live like that.