How do I get him to ask me out?

Ok so basically there's this guy and his friends have said he likes me a few times now but not to me I have just overheard them anyways I like him and I'm pretty sure he likes me because he's extremely nice to me he gives me compliment about things I do now this has been going on for about a month and I really wanna go out with him but I just don't know how to get him to ask me out and I'm too afraid to ask him because I'm afraid of rejection but me and my friends are just about sure he likes me anyways how do I get him to ask me out also do you think he likes me?


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What Guys Said 1

  • I won't answer your question the way you want to, because there isn't much you can do unless you tell his friends that you're waiting for him to ask you out - knowing they'll pass that information on to him. I would say, given that it's very likely that he feels the same about you, gather some courage and ask him out. He will be just as afraid of rejection as you, however you could already being going out if you take charge of the situation. If he doesn't like you, then you tried your best and can be proud of that, but I think you'll find success. Good luck!


What Girls Said 1

  • You can't wish for it! You have to go and ask him out! So, what rejection is part of life! just do it! ask him out! if not then its not going to develop into a relationship