Feeling the Friend Zone Vibe, Why am I Getting a Hug?

While I am working at a bar I get this gal twice a week who is a major flirt and is really physical with her touch on my lower and upper body. The more she comes in the less her and her friends are flirty with me. I am usually busy at work so we see eachother but she has passed by me without talking the past couple of weeks. When she left the most recent time she said have a good night sweetheart and gave me a hug, to which I stumbled backwards haha. I'm fairly indiferent when we talk as I am at work but have been thinking just to ask her out.

The more I see this chick the more I am feeling to the friend vibe, especially the friendship style hug. Should I just continuing being indifferent to her advances are just ask to go out and say I am not looking for anymore friends that are girls?


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  • Maybe she takes your indifference as a sign you aren't interested and she's given up on trying to flirt with you any more. I would make her more interested in you by showing her that you are indeed interested as fast as you can.

    You don't want her to make it up in her mind that you are only a friend, because that is indeed a difficult place to come back from.


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  • Could go either way, just ask her out. Yolo.

    If it doesn't happen, just keep it like it's been going. She's just a customer you're nice to.


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