My girl friend flips out on me from time to time what should I do?

I have been with this girl almost 2 years now, every once and awhile she acts like a bitch and gets kinda distant or threatens to break up with me... what keeps me with her is that she apologizes and admits she was being a bitch and it has become less frequent... maybe because I'm a healthy person and she is learning from me? my problem is the other night i accidentally spilled her drink and before i even had a chance to do anything she blew up at me cussing me out and yelling at in front of a bunch of people... if this happened in the privacy of our own home it would of been no big deal. i confronted her as i always do and she kinda apologized than continued being mad because she felt i was still in the wrong, we got in a argument than she said maybe we should break up... I'm just getting sick of this and although she apologizes and it kind seems to be getting better I'm not happy with it at all and fear things could get wors if we got merried.. i do love her and most the time things are goot and we work through things but i feel like somthing may be wrong with her or maybe she i bing dishonest about how she feels about me,,, any thoughts?


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  • Usually when people say sorry for something they've done, it shouldn't be repeated- period. She hasn't learned, so why do you want to be with someone who acts like a child?


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  • She's mentally ill. You can't fix her. I wouldn't stay with her... unless you want to keep putting up with that shit! I think you will just get drained and eventually reach your limit.