My boyfriend isn't attractive and he wants to meet my family?

He is a truck driver and we have been together almost a year it's the holidays and he has gain a lot of weight over the year driving and just isn't attractive to me right now. He is much older and that doesn't help me wanting to take him to meet my family but I'm not that proud of how he looks. What should I do? he says he's trying to lose it but he does the opposite of what he says he's trying to do. I'm 20 he's 29

How am I shallow if I'm not basing his personality off of just how he looks because it usually means a man/woman who only judges by looks and not by personality. If I was going based straight off looks we wouldn't be together right now and it's just human attraction people lose attraction to one another if they change physically or in any other way.

This is a question and most females answered the same way saying looks matter


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  • Come on girl you could get better.. U look too good for a truck driver

    • What does that have to do with anything?

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    • Do you have a link?

    • Well its not getting pasted here. U could message me in and i would forward you

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  • if i was you i'd kind of be afraid to bring him to meet my parents. i'm picturing a fat hairy guy with a john deere cap and a flannel shirt and dirty jeans.

    • He's not dirty he just gained a lot of weight over the year

    • i didn't mean to be offensive. was just trying to make light of the situation. im just saying, i'd feel the same way you do if i was you. wouldn't know what to do.

    • Oh ok

  • wow you're a bit shallow aren't you


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  • Break up with him. Not because you can do better, but because he deserves better.

  • You should stop being so god damned shallow and woman the fuck up, that's what you should do.. His looks shouldn't matter as long as his good personality is there. Some day your looks will go straight to shit too, mate, and you'll be regretting acting like a shitty person because of someone's looks fading since you'd be in the same position. You should be with a person because they love you and you love them, they treat you right, and because you have a special connection with them. Looks don't make a relationship, and you're going to have to get over the fact that it doesn't. If he's a good man then he deserves to meet your parents. Stop acting like one of those damned tumblr teens who care only about looks, and woman up.

  • If you're ashamed of him the relationship will never work.

  • A why are you with him if that's how you feel?

  • Why are you in a relationship with a guy you are not attracted to?

    • He gained weight while he was driving aobhe didn't always look like that and i still like him