My boyfriend is avoiding "couple things"?

It seems like my boyfriend keeps avoiding things that would involve us being together. Like for example, I wanted to plan a day trip with some other couples in our group, naturally I would assume that he would be cool with it and slightly more towards the idea. But he avoided it completely. Also, sometimes I feel like more of a buddy than anything. I mean I don't expect him to be like a character in some clique rom-com, but it seems like he's having an awkward time of adjusting to me being his girlfriend specifically. Sure he has his moments of being "in a relationship" (like cute texts, compliments, ect) , but other times it feels like I'm pushing too much or I'm being clingy.


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  • I think it may have to do with your friends, and this "clique rom-com" you referred to. I have a question for you... How often do you hang out with other friends while you are spending time with your boyfriend? Or, when you do plan things, how often do you include your friends with you and and your boyfriend? The reason I ask is, I had a girlfriend once that simply spent too much time with me and always also invited her friends too. She was the type of person that thought, "the more the merrier" when it came to hanging out or doing something. Every time we went out, or did something she had to invite her friends along. I got very annoyed of this to the point I had to end the relationship. I was dating her, not her and all her friends. I wanted more time for just the two of us and not these "groups" all the time. So maybe you aren't spending enough time with just the two of you. Plus, he may not like or get along with some of your friends.


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  • Tell him how you feel about it