Is there a way to know if she has a boyfriend without asking?

Hey there, I'm wondering if there is a way to determine if a girl has a boyfriend without having to ask her the question.

Thank you.


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  • Check her social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Hopefully she doesn't have them on private. Also, you could always listen to her conversations with other people. She might mention that she's going over to her boyfriend's for Thanksgiving or something like that.

    • Thanks for your help.

      I've checked all of those already, but is it possible that she doesn't want to put pictures of her boyfriend on one of those social medias for the purpose of hiding it from some people?

    • It's possible that she isn't putting pictures of her boyfriend up to hide it from some people, but it's not a very likely possibility. Most girls are proud of their boyfriends and would definitely post pictures of him on social media if they had one. So, my guess is that she probably doesn't have a boyfriend.

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  • Check her facebook/social media. You could also ask her friends, but that runs the risk of them telling her.

    • I've checked her social medias, it seems safe I guess unless she hides it.

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