Girls, why can't I get a girlfriend?

I am an 18-year-old Indian man in a California University, where most people are Asians or Latinos or Whites or African Americans. I have made male and female friends, but have not hooked up or had a girlfriend yet, and it is the 8th week of university. Girls smile at me, and sometimes even approach me! They hug me, laugh at my jokes, and invite me to hangouts. I even went on a few spontaneous dates with some (we unexpectedly met up at the dining halls and then had dinner/lunch together). We have not been in much contact, due to limited time and different schedules. I was in a coed frat, but left it due to low grades.

I am 5 foot 9 and 160 pounds (am a bit chubby, but lost a lot of weight. I wear glasses. I work out and have hobbies outside studying, like gaming, hulu plus, hanging with friends, and hitting the gym. I do not smoke or drink.

Is my weight/height an issue or is it my race? I have seen fatter/shorter/uglier guys have gfs.


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  • I wouldn't want to date someone who is just seeking girlfriend... like wants to score a girl or something.

    I would rather be with someone who is focusing on himself, to improve himself/behaviors, works to accomplish his goals etc.. and then if he somehow bumps (not literally) into a girl he likes and then wants to date that girl/wanna be with her... that sounds good.

    • I am focused on my college degree and my friends and hobbies. I have a life outside those girls.


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  • seriously there is a lot of us out here that haven't even had a date or been in one (including me).😭

  • You have to put herself out there. Talk to girls. Organize dates. Make moves.