I think want a girl taller than me?

I don't care how we look if she's taller than me. The reason behind this is that I want my children to have tall and athletic genes. It seems to me that girls won't date any guys shorter than them, period. I'm not short though, I'm 5'10" which is average. Will talk girls make exceptions to date average height guys?


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  • Well you aren't short tbh you're quite tall yourself, women don't mind dating someone shorter in few inches, I have a sister who is 6.2ft and she is sometimes afraid that her height will be a problem for her in terms of dating. It's good to know there are people like you out there :)


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  • Dude, I'm slightly shorter than average... and in my experience very few will. I've read some articles and some may be able to give a short (er) chap enough of a gap to show her he can look after her just as well if not better than a tall (er) guy.

    Until she has done that and had a good experience chances are sh wouldn't be into it.

    Call it a instinct thing along with some other social reasons. Don't give up if you do li li taller girl though... sometimes you just need to prove you're just about much man as a taller guy.

    Peace B-)


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