Girls, Does this girl like me? Am I crazy?

Okay so I started talking to a girl about 3-4 weeks ago. She's my best friends friend so that's how we met. After talking for a few days we really hit it off and got along great. We ended up hanging out, my friend, her and I. We had a great time together and meshed very well. My friend said that we really seemed be interested in each other. The only issue is that she was in a long distance relationship but wasn't happy with him. Anyways we kept talking and she would be really cute and was very touchy (holding my hand and arm). The next weekend i took her to the dog park with my dog, she absolutely loves dogs, and then we grabbed ice cream. She had a blast and was again very cute and sweet and we had good conversation. A few days later we went hiking with another couple. She was a little quieter around the other couple but we still had a nice time. Though a few days later her boyfriend and her broke up. Now since then she seems to be more reserved and quieter. Texting is a little spotty but we made plans anyways for dinner. She canceled so I told her that I was free this weekend so if she changes her mind then to let me know. (This was this past weekend) a few hours later she asked me if I could pick her up from dance Saturday and go to the mall and shop for stuff since she is on vacation this week. So I did so and while shopping we talked but she was a little quiet. In the car we had good conversation and she laughed and we sang to her favorite music. It was a good time but I'm worried because she wasn't ask touchy around the mall and while driving (I was driving a manual car that day instead of an automatic which may have something to do with it) but she's also not replying as much and is spotty with conversation and hasn't been replying to my snaps. She told my friend that everything was all good that I just need to chill. But I just can't help but worry I'm doing something wrong. Does she like me and she's just having a rough week or what?


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