Why are people getting so lucky and I'm just over here with bad luck?

I feel like that everyone that had a situation were the relationship did not work out and they broke up or something are over her getting second chances and getting their lovers back and I'm just over her hoping for a miracle to happen, the person I want is single but she won't talk to me anymore..


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  • I hear ya. Most of my friends didn't care about settling down, but guess what? They are all settled down and I am still single! Everyone tells me that I would make a great partner, yet I'm still by myself.

    I try to make relationships work, but the guys I meet seem to change their minds about me. Change their minds about wanting to settle down or whatever.

    I believe it's just bad luck. I've been very upfront and honest about what I want and have tried to weed out the people who are not compatible or don't want the same things. But you can't prevent people from lying.


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  • Looking for a modern relationship is like looking for the noose. Thank your luck, that you are single


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  • There is no such thing as "bad luck" when it comes to relationships. You should take a chance instead of waiting for miracles to happen.


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  • Who broke up with whom 1st? You were the dumpee?