How do I leave?

I've been dating this girl ldr for 8 months now and we keep having problems with other guys, fighting, lies and a lot of other stuff. But I really love her and I know if we could be physically together things would be so much better. But that might not ever happen. So I just want to leave but everytime I try I can't... I always come back or she always asks for me back and I just can't say no...


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  • Tell her you think it's best if you weren't together and block her from everything so the both of you won't have the chance to attempt to get back. You just need a complete break from one another.


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  • remind yourself of the issues. try not to let yourself be swayed by the good that is being overridden by the negative issues

    • Thank you. When I saw it was a guy's opinion I thought it was going to be rude. But that's actually very helpful :)

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