Should we be seeing eachother more?

Me and my boyfriend see eachother on the weekend normally Saturday night and he'll stay the night then the next morning or mid day will leave. We never see eachother during the week just once on the weekend. I wanna see him more then just once a week. We both work a lot but I feel like there are times where we could see eachother but he never brings it up.

  • See your boyfriend / girlfriend once everyother week
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  • See your boyfriend / girlfriend once a week
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  • See your boyfriend / girlfriend a at least twice a week
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  • See your boyfriend / girlfriend almost every day.
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  • There is no specific amount of time couples "should" see each other. You are either getting your needs fulfilled or you aren't (it is different for every couple), if not, you need to determine if that's a relationship you want to stay in, or maybe discuss the subject with your boyfriend to see if things can be adjusted.