Need advice on asking a girl to coffee, as friends. I'm horrible with these type of things. I always over analysis them. What should I do?

So I ran into a girl from HS I hadn't seen in 3 years and she hugged me, (which was a huge surprise) we briefly chatted and then went our separate ways. I messaged her later saying we should get coffee and catch up and she agreed so now I'm kinda nervous and no idea how to suggest a time or even get a casual conversation going with her. Any advice would be great.


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  • Relax. Just chat with her like you would any friend. She seems pretty friendly to have hugged you, and it also seems like she's interested in talking to you.

    Just try to ask her how things have been since you've last spoken, what's changed, what cool experiences she's had, etc. It's a fine starting point.


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  • You should chat with her

    • I'm horrible at starting conversations with females I know. Should I just ask something like so what are you studying at ____ university or be more formal?

    • Yeah that would more proper.

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  • Coffee why not cinema