What guys think/feel when a girl sticks out tongue at you?

I've noticed that when I like a guy I tend to stick out my tongue at him but I'm afraid I get perceived as a creep for doing this. So what do you think about girls that do that?

  • She's creepy
    12% (1)0% (0)9% (1)Vote
  • She's flirtatious
    25% (2)67% (2)36% (4)Vote
  • She's childish
    38% (3)33% (1)36% (4)Vote
  • She's disrespectful
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  • She's crazy for doing that if I barely know/talk to her
    25% (2)0% (0)19% (2)Vote
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I do this uncounciously,'is just that I notice i do it when I see the guy I like.


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  • They usually think she is acting like a child.