Have you ever dated someone with Narcissistic Personality Disorder/suffered Narcissistic abuse?

How did you get over the hurt and betrayal of what they did to you?
How do you safe guard yourself now?


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  • You need to remove yourself from their presence, and avoid them re-entering your life, because all they do is cause destruction. But you can't control them, only your actions, so avoid them.

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      After several months of anxiety, depression and confusion I finally made sense of everything he put me through and what is wrong with him.
      I avoid him as much as I can but sense the hoovering every so often. (I've blocked him so he can't contact me) I however, work with his housemate/friend so know he keeps tabs on me that way.

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    • Have to agree with that. I know my worth now as cheesy as that sounds and having to ask for help to get out from friends and family has made our relationships even stronger.

    • You learn to really observe people closely, and those skills help you in other areas. I wouldn't have such fine-tuned skills if I didn't observe my ex so closely.