Which is a better first date?

Okay so there's this girl that I really like and we seem to hit it off in class so next time I see her I'm gonna ask for her number and I'm also trying to think of a good first date. So my ideas are either I ask her to coffee so it's more casual or I ask her to see a movie and then either part ways or maybe even get coffee afterwards. But I want to know what u guys and girls think would be the better first date choice. Thanks in advance for the advice! ­čśâ

Oh and also if u have any other good date location ideas of ur own that would be great! thanks.


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  • I tend to prefer going for a coffee over seeing a movie. Not only does it seem more casual its a better way to engage each other to see if there is any chemistry.
    Sitting in a cinema for a couple hours might just be, well a couple hours of silence between the two of you.
    Of course if you have trouble keeping long interesting conversations, perhaps going to the cinema is the better choice.


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  • Ask her for a coffee in order to have time to talk. Watching a movie will not help you bond that much.


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  • First actually get her number text for a week if you still have her messaging back and forth and laughing than ask her out I just don't want you to get too ahead of yourself now I would take her ice skating and then for a cup of coffee ic skating breaks the ice pun intended and the coffee gives you one on one to talk

  • Make sure its 50-50 so you support EQUALITY

    I wouldn't suggest dating. It's a feminist arrangement and nothing good eventually comes of it. Its not even fun

    • I'm not disagreeing but Im just curious why dating is a feminist arrangemenr

    • There was nothing like dating just recently, before feminism.