Could he be seeing someone else?

I have a feeling that the guy I've been seeing for a month is talking/seeing someone else. We see each other almost everyday, he never calls me, we text sometimes (sometimes everyday sometimes every other day).

I saw him texting this girl (infront of me and he didn't hide his phone) yesterday and few days ago when we were out. And then i saw a post here, a girl asking a question about the guy he's been talking to and her descriptions matches him. Saw him on the phone several times but I don't know to whom he was talking to, i dont want to be seen as this insecure little brat.

Is it just me or should i ask him about it? Cause if he's seeing someone else im gonna do the same thing, i dont want to waste my time on someone who's playing me around.

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I forgot to add the "he could be seeing someone else" option


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  • It's possible but I couldn't say for sure.


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