What is going on?

In the beginning of the year i started talking to this really shy dude in my grade. He's really cute, but the thing is there's not a lot going on there due to us both being very shy, having different groups of friends, and only having 2 classes together. He has came up and talked to me a few times, but I'm too shy to hold up a conversation. I've messaged him on FaceBook a few times, and on Thanksgiving we talked for at least 7 hours straight. Recently, he and his friends come around my friends and me (when they usually don't), and I see him glancing at me, and i glance back.
Do you think something is happening or is am i just being over analytical?


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  • He is definitely into you. Make something happen.


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  • You talked for 7 hours, which means he is at least interested in you.


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