Why this certain change in her behaviour?

So i have 2 beautiful and deep eye contacts with this girl who pass through my shops.. nd i started to think of approaching her.. but one day something terrible happen to me and i was very upset so at evening i m standing on my shops gate and she comes but i ignored her because i dont want to show her my bad mood but she looked at me till she passed... but after that day she starts to ignore me.. two weeks passed and i see her 6 times but she didn't even give me a look even though i m looking at her crazily... sometime she look things around me but not me nd sometimes she try to look busy like looking at her cellphone.. nd it is hurting because i started to like her... eye contact from girl is very necessary in order to approach especially in our society... so why is she doing that.. is she looses interest? pls hep..


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  • Just speak to her

    • Not easy to speak as i said without some signs..

    • You don't even know her, so what would you be losing if you approached her? Nothing.
      Your only options are to sit back and do nothing, when it's likely even if she likes you she won't approach first. Or you go and talk to her.
      If you speak to her, your 2 results are either nothing happens and it stays the same. Or you get to start getting to know her.
      To me, that sounds like more reasons to just say hi and get talking.

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  • just walk up to and say hey haven't seen you around my store in awhile or hey my best customer!


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