He hasn't asked me to be his girlfriend after 3 months, what's going on?

So we met about 3 months ago and have been texting and seeing each other ever since. I stay at his place usually two to three times a week and we have been sleeping together. We haven't really talked about it at all but when we started talking he told me he really isn't the kind of guy to play a girl and he wouldn't do that to me. However, we rarely go out on dates or anything. I try not to get frustrated though due to the fact that he works late doing two jobs to pay his bills, but sometimes I want to shake him and be like "why are we not official and why don't you ever take me anywhere?"


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  • Maybe he thinks it's not necessary. Well, if you wanna finally make it official, why not asking him to be your boyfriend? If he doesn't do it, you do. Don't wait when you can do it yourself.


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  • Sadly, I feel you are filling a need for him... But hey, its the 21st century... If you are already sleeping together... take the initiative and ask him. He's seen you naked, you can handle two seconds of nerves asking him. You will get your answer straight away.