Does he like me... Is he busy.. Or just over me?

Okay. So me and this guy live in the same town and our families are friends. He is 10 years older than me and recently got an annulment from a bad marriage. We have been hanging out some. Last week we literally spent every night together and he would take me out to restaurants and I even met some of his friends. He owns his own business and I know he has a huge business presentation coming up that could really help his company. The last few days he has seemed distant and hasn't texted as much. Is he busy with his job or is he over me just after one week? We have had sex but he even took me out after that. I want to text him this "If you wanna celebrate it being over this week haha text me I guess. I feel kinda weird always texting first now haha so I don't know lemme know I guess.." Bc the last 2 days I've only been texting first after he did all the time. If I shouldn't text that can you guys give me some suggestions on what to text Bc I'm sure he's still interested I just don't know what's going on. It has been civil everytime we talk and we are friendly and sweet I'm just very confused.

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