White girls do you like brown guys and would you like to date them sometime?

I know a lot of people don't really get into people like us because ethnicity and racial color is a big barrier but would you ever date us if you had the chance? I am sorry if my question kinda stinks but I feel very scared to ask out any of you. Give me some good suggestions if you will :)

  • Yea, I think they are cute just like any other guy
    33% (1)67% (2)50% (3)Vote
  • No, I think they are too underconfident
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  • No, They stink
    67% (2)0% (0)33% (2)Vote
  • Never, There skin is annoying
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  • I believe in mixture of color so I guess I do not mind
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  • This is a silly question. OBVIOUSLY, they do!!!