"good morning beautiful" texts. If he only sends that in a day can that also mean that he is playing games?

I'm really in my "feels" right now. Him and I haven't talked much this week. He's in the army (lol) and like maybe he's busy but more than likely he isn't? If he only texts me "good morning beautiful" does that mean he's playinh games or could he genuinely be busy? Or maybe he just doesn't like me anymore? Why is that all he sent today? I wanna talk to him :'( (pms is making me all emotional lol)...


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  • No, he's actually legitimately complimenting u. Trust me


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  • honey, if he's in the army, he must be busy... just know that he's still taking time out of his day to message you <3

    i understand that it could get hard, but just stay by his side and I'm sure when he gets back he'll continue to show u how much u mean to him.


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  • Well, it's true that he really could be doing anything, but if you honestly trust him, maybe you should be a little more sensitive. He could genuinely be busy. Anyway, it's not a big deal if it's just one day. If it's like a week, that's cause to be worried.

  • Guys who text that are full of shit.
    Most of the time.
    Just sayin because I've texted military and fuck boy.

    They all seem to like "hey beautiful" or "hey sexy".