The terrible terrible pain of being cheated on?

How do you deal with such a thing? Its soul sucking.


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  • You have to look at it like this; what they did to you, is not because of you its fully on them. What people do to you does not define the person that you are, it actually defines them. Even though you loved them, they didn't love you nearly as much and you shouldn't want to settle for someone giving you less than you give. Know that you're going to get over it in due time and you're going to never look back, you can miss them all you want but never go back to someone who even for a second took your love for granted.


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  • Go gym or do some exercise, sweat the stress out and just train. Your Training will never lie to you


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  • oh I know!!! That pain well last a long time but maybe throw things on the floor and break them or egg her house wuth some friends lol

  • Realize that it isn't your fault. There is nothing wrong with you. You are not the cause, and you will find someone else who will adore and appreciate you like that person couldn't.
    I bet someone is waiting on you right now.


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