Does he like me that much?

Uhm.. So there is this guy.. He's one of my best friends and I've known him for 7 years, and I think I'm starting to fall in love with him.. An he told me that he likes me to and I notice it by how He acts around me but I'm pretty sure I like him more than he likes me... So du you have any opinions on what I should do? I actually told him that i loved him.. But I was to afraid to say it out loud so I snapchated it to him.. He hasn't opens it get but I'm hoping for the best.. But I still can't help to think that he will think I'm weird because I like him so much.. I've been crying weeks about this.. Do anyone have any advice?


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  • Life's too short so go for it. If you scare him off, wait for the next guy. There are billions of us in the world.


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  • If he told you he likes you too, then what's to fear exactly?
    Plus, if he's not interested, no big deal. You will eventually overcome it. Everyone does.


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  • If he likes you, there's nothing to worry about, you've just fallen in love congrats! cheer up! stop it with the social media thing and start inviting him to places where you two can spend time with each other. Good luck!


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