Why hasn't this guy texted me back after we had a good coffee date? He seemed nervous and inexperienced, but I thought I was being hella chill? Guys?

I asked him to hang for coffee. He was nice and shy, nervous. (Knocked over a huge sign) we laughed a lot. I gave him my number but I don't know I have this weird feeling he won't text me. I don't know if he's inexperienced and kind of immature or if he's really not interested. The date went really well and we talked for a while so I don't know what to think? Help and insights please!


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  • Well is sounds like he is just really inexperienced. He probably does not know what to text back. He might be over thinking things. I know i do all the time. Just give him some time to answer. 3 days max. Then text him again showing concern. Then see what happens.


What Girls Said 1

  • Maybe because he's inexperienced and he's expecting you to initiate? When was the last time you went out? Maybe he will muster up the courage to message you next week.