Should I justt stop chasing girls?

Seriously what is the point of even looking for a girl in western society , I come from a big city in Australia and the women here are just so rude and stuck up , they only seem to be into guys who are greasy looking europens f wits , you go up to a girl and talk o sorry I have a boyfriend... And if you're lucky enough to get a date their talking to someone else at the same time and also most have to fight for her attention while being in competition with another guy? I really don't understand females I'm very well mannered , just finish my degree in economics ( which i just landed a high paying job) , I come from a working class background played 1st grade rugby league , have a muscular body , been told I'm cute , yet they fall for the douchbag with no future... My god when I went to Japan the women were so different and easy to get along with and so friendly to everyone , it really made western women look like s#*t


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  • man as a woman living in australia, i haven't even been approached once in the last 2 years, and i don't have a man, nor am i stuck up or rude. u might have just encountered some bad experiences.

    and no not all of us fall for douchebags. the reason the japanese would have been all over u was because u looked foreign to them. we've had some exchange students from japan before and the girls kept telling us they think aussie blokes r sexy lol.


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  • How about let them chase you? Its when you just don't give a fuck that makes girls want you even more.

  • Asian are always easier by far

  • Well u r obviously doin somethin wrong. And having an attitude like that doesn't help.