Is my boyfriend taking advantage of me?

I love him but sadly I love him more than he loves me.

Now he is living 3 hours away from me because he has holidays and his family has a house at the beach.
He expects me to go and visit him every weekend but he is not able to come and visit me.
He is insisting a lot, saying that he will pay mi ticket and some oh his messages say things like" You should come every weekend to the beach because I hate the city but to see you is very important for me. It makes me happy"


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  • "I love him more than he loves me."

    Welcome to the female/male dynamic, as for taking advantage of you.. how is paying for your trip taking advantage of you? How is inviting you to a beach house taking advantage of you? Tell that mothafucka to pay for my trip up; I want to be at the beach right now.

    • Because is a long trip and why do I have to visit him but he can not visit me?

    • He told you; He doesn't like the scenery.

      "Ugh I hate my boyfriend he's paying for me to come up to see him at a beach house to spend time with me in a more secluded environment, I'm sick of him taking advantage of me!" Get a grip.

Most Helpful Girl

  • Well, if he truly thinks that and hates the city, then he loves you and you're overreacting.

    It's not that he doesn't love you enough, he's just not a fan of big cities.. Going to the beach is good, just relax and enjoy your time with him.

    There is always that ugly chance he only wants sex tho 😔


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  • he is not taking advantage of you

  • Happy wife, happy life, right?


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  • I think maybe he just want you to have a nice time at the beach with him. But he can also visit you.