My life is not normal?

Some family members ruined my life, literally, they were a bad influence on my life, the life I wanted I didn't get, the loving family, a lot of friends. At 23 borderline 24 my life is fucked up, I have no one to come home too, im literally an orphan, i haven't build many friendships in my town over the years, I been through a lot, I suffered a lot of emotional and psychial abuse. I need a game plan to save my life, I go to school but the degree is too easy for me, I can do more, Im 23 and building friendships ain't easy anymore, everybody has their group of friends, to get in is hard. I feel like my life is destined to end up as a loner, what can I do and dont say ohhhh your young, when I say no family, I mean no family, all I have is my almost degree and no job and barely any friends, two at most. a guy even rejected me for it and said I was damaged goods. How can I save my life


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  • Join a sport/social club. Get involved with groups at your school (colleges have TONS of student groups), go hang out at bars and coffee shops. Get a part time job.

    Organically growing friendships is a lot less easy once you become an adult, but by no means is it difficult as long as you're willin to put yourself out there.


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