Should I move out with no job?

I found a cheap room that i can rent its only 295 euro s a month incl. facilities BUT i dont have a job yet, i can't find a side job... what should i do If i get the room i might struggle with money, i live at home now but... im not happy with the circumstances... what should i do? and by the way the house has 3 male roommates... and one girl.

I have student loans by the way


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  • That's what I did because Vancouver, BC wasn't giving me an opportunity to work there as a new grad. You need at least two years of experience to be considered or you've impressed your preceptorship and have plenty of connections with the job site. I had to move to Edmonton, Alberta for the job and I haven't had any regrets in doing so. I have been working as a nurse for almost 5 years now. I suggest looking for a job elsewhere first, maybe use an agency and if they can offer you a job and you're willing to move there, then that's your next step.


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  • It may be best to find a job and build up some money before just leaving home.

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    • And when those run out and you still have no job?

    • its not going to run out, i have to take the risk, im 23 i can't stay forever


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  • No, don't move out. That will be a terrible strain on you. It would be different if you were working, but you probably wouldn't be happy with such a stress on you.

  • Wait a little. Get a job soon. Once you get it you move.

  • If you have no job... how will you pay the rent?

    Find a job first.

    • i have student loans, i get 620 for going to school and with that you can pay you rent and school money, with loans i have 250 euro left a month to eat

    • WELL, if you "KNOW" that you can certainly get a job, and that you WILL get it as soon as you move out, then definitely do it! Cause if you don't... as soon as school is over, you'll just be moving right back in, because you'll be in repayment... and no job to help you pay for it... so you'll need to ask for help... which will only make you feel more awful...

      So only do it if you have a plan.. not just because it's easy 'right now' to do it.. and because you 'can'. think ahead.. :]!