How do I stop acting like a dick?

I'm a complete asshole and I only look at women like objects. I can't relate to them. I didn't used to be like this. I think I've been fcked over so many times that I've turned into this guy that I absoutley despise. I can't talk to women in a normal conversation. The conversation has to lead to sexual esculation or I'm out.


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  • Yeah you are definetly a major asshole. I'm 5'1and I would still try to beat the crap out of you if you were acting like a douche bag In front of me. Why are guys like this it's sad. And hey some girls are whores and your a manwhore. Just know no real girl is going to want to be with you. I'm not talking about some fake ass slut I'm talking about someone who will actually care about you! Don't you want that? So get your head out of your ass and start seeing girls for who they are and not what they are (boobs and butt). Girls are not objects we have feelings and I bet you hurt every girl you humped then dumped. I'm sorry I'm being harsh but you should feel bad. Let me know if you have any questions.


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  • Huge tip for starters starting tomorrow go and apologize to any and all the girls you still talk too. And do exactly what will feel like a punch to the balls and admit to the ones you cussed out that you were a dick. If you can say that ether to their face or over the phone they may tell you dont ever talk or call them again but you can at least start to move forward.

    The next part is a lot easier the next girl you want to date. you act kind and if she is just buying a bottle of beer or just a pop you pay for her if she hasn't that is if she is already talking to you. and most of all you have to learn to filter out Bitch, s*lt, Cu*t and the other negative female words out of your vocabulary and minimally use F*ck. Which of course leaves you with Ass, Shit (any variant).

    And that also means you have to make yourself here on out if its a little girl, woman, or family you get the door asap and make a whole effing change to how you act.


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  • Yeah man. I feel your pain. .. I've been fucked over twice now. But hey not all women are cheaters. You'll find the one who will bring you back to your true self one day. Believe!

  • No, you're not a dick or an asshole. Just a crying, little bitch that wish he could get some ass.

    Grow up a bit and stop thinking women are put here for your enjoyment. If you can't, go hang out with dudes.

    • I have no problem getting some ass I don't know why your so hostile with me. My problem is I can't connect to a female anymore.