What's my type? Pic?

I'm a biracial girl. I am black & white. A lot of people always find it " weird " this is my type of guy. I was raised with all white parents. My father isn't exactly around. People ( my friends ) always say I am weird because I like this type. I'm not sure what exactly it would be , but it is a distinct type. Of course most important quality to me is being faithful , and a down to earth funny compassionate man. I love someone I can have fun with and be silly. I have dated nothing but black guys and I have found I am not attracted to them.

I am strange. I like a real classy guy ^ but I also like a guy with a "I'm in a band " with tattoos and gauges look. Am I strange?


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  • I am a whiteboy and love black girls. My friends just accept that, because NO ONE is weird for liking what they like! Date whoever you like, dear! It is honestly your own buseniss and true friends accept it :) Find yourself a nice man who is friendly, buys you presents and cares for you!


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  • Eh, you like what you like...


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  • no, you are just immature

    • How? By having a type of guy I like?

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  • My ex husband is white (I'm white) but he really likes biracial or black girls. It's not weird.