How do I know if I truly like someone or am just looking because im lonely?

I've never really felt lonely before, and even though I just had my first experience dating someone for two months I feel the same being single again. I do however seem to be liking someone but I'm afraid it might just be me wanting to date. How do I know if I really like someone or am just looking for a new person to date? Should I wait or just start dating to see?


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  • Well, if you are thinking of her everyday it is a sign that you are really attracted to her and not only want to date her for the sake of getting out of your single status.


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  • ☆If you want to use them to show off in front of your ex
    ☆you feel lonely when they are not around
    ☆you only contact then when you feel lonely
    ☆you only like them because of how they make you feel when you are not alone, you do not like them because of their personality traits
    ☆it's obvious that you have nothing in common with her you are just in love with the thought of being in love again
    ☆you see her as a stepping stone of healing when you should be healing yourself
    ☆you only contact her for sex and when you feel needy
    ☆you constantly find yourself comparing her to your ex


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