Living with a very depressing mother?

my mother has always been depressed, all she does is stay in the house, she goes shopping sometimes but she stayes in the house most of the time, she always has 'physical' problems and always lies about being sick, living with her made me depressed at a certain point I became depression. She is always resentful about people living their lives, she gets jealous, bitter and complains about not having money, she never worked all she does is complain complain complain complain... I can't deal with her, I have been searching for a house for months now, I should have left earlier to save my own life, I will never forgive myself for this, never, I have already made a promise to myself for the rest of mt life , I will work my ass off not become her, she is extremely lazy. Worthless human being. How can I protect myself from this...


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  • I think depression can be more likely if a family member has it, but it's not like an infectious disease. Mental health problems happen, and they're unfortunate. You shouldn't talk down about your mother like that for having a mental disorder. Keep working toward your own life.


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  • Your mother's depression sounds severe and she may not be able to help it. This does not mean that it's your problem to fix her. You do need to get away from her and on your own. Use your disdain for her behavior to motivate you to be successful and not end up like that. It's sad and no way to live.