We've met up a couple of times and got on great, but she hardly ever replies to my texts or picks up the phone?

I met this girl a little over a month ago, we got chatting till 4am. Met up again a couple of times so far, drinks/lunch etc and when were together everything seems to be going great, hugging, laughing, kissing etc. But she never messages me or calls me and when I message her she doesn't reply for hours, sometimes the next day - this makes me think maybe she's not all that interested or is it just she's playing hard to get? Thing is I don't want to feel like I'm being a creep or something!

Well, I asked if she wanted to come over & chill with a DVD & she just text me & said she really enjoyed hanging out with me & loved spending time with me & had a great time but wanted to cool things off with me. I am confused!


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  • yer sounds like she's playing bit hard to get. she knows ur a nice guy so she knows you will just msg an call her still. I know its childish maybe don't call or msg for a few days see if she calls or texts but yer its probs not worth playign this sorts of games it gets old and boring after a while.

    maturity is something she doesn't have yet I guess.


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  • i think she doesn't wana hurt ur feelings cus ur so keen on her an she knows... if you really want her trust me jtsu back of for a few days or week and watch her call you. if she doesn't then she doesn't really want you sorry mate. these gays are stupid but that's how it is.

  • Yeah she must be playing hard to get. Bc if she wasn't interested at all she wouldn't of stayed up till 4am talking to you. I don't think she would of kissed you if she wasn't interested in you. I don't know why don't you just talk to her and find out wut is going on in her mind. I think that probably is the best advice I could give you


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