Is it wrong to text him first?

I've been dating a guy for a few weeks and I'm good at playing it cool and letting him chase me. He stayed over at mine for the first time the other night and I text him first the next day from work, just casually asking if he found his way to the train station ok in the morning and said I had a nice time. He text back straight away saying he was just about to text me and said he'd had a nice time too and asked about my day. I text back something banter but didn't actually ask him a question and he never text back.

So, I guess the reason he didn't text was that I didn't ask him as question, but was it rude of me not to ask about how his day went? Was it bad for me to have text him first, and now should I text him or just wait for him to text me?


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  • If you want to text him go ahead. I think if the guy wants to talk to you, he will always response to your text. But if you text him and he doesn't response back until next week then I know he is losing interest. No matter how busy a guy is. He'll have time to text back to tell you he is busy and he'll try to catch up with you later.


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  • No it wasn't wrong of you to text him first. And that's why texting is such a sucky way to communicate because usually when people can't think of anything else to say, they just stop texting. So I wouldn't take it personally, he probably just didn't know what to say and didn't want to look dumb.

  • I don't think it was rude--I usually have the same issue when I don't ask a question and I've never been called rude or anything. If it wasn't too long ago you could text him saying something like, "so how was your day? "