Is It really a good idea to move in with someone?

My girlfriend wants me to move in with her, anyone know from experience if this is a good step or not?


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  • Depends on how long you've been together and if you see the relationship lasting for a long time. I think it's a good idea to live together if it's going to be a super long term relationship and especially if you want to get married in the future. You can't live apart forever.


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  • It depends on many, many factors and there is no one answer that applies to all people. If you would care to give more details - either here or in a PM - I would be happy to reply.

    • Well it's been a year and a half, we're best friends and we love each other to pieces.

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    • I have a cousin who has been living with her boyfriend

    • You and your girlfriend should talk to that cousin. I am not against cohabiting; I have done it in the past and I would consider doing it again in the future. Being in a relationship and living together means that you have less autonomy and must always consider someone else when making decisions. It means you take care of her when she's sick instead of saying, "I'll come see you when you're feeling better." Yo may see her sitting on the toilet peeing. She won't be able to hide her bad times/bad moods from you as easily. Everything will change. You need to be ready for it.


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  • How long were you guys in the relationship?
    It depends on how comfortable you are with it.

    • A whole year, it will be two In a couple of months.

  • Have you been together for more than a year? Are you two in a healthy relationship? If yes to these two questions then I recommend you can either do a trial period in which you spend a week with her at her place and see how that goes or you can just jump right in and think positively that it with be an incredible experience.

    • It's about to be two In February

    • Then it is perfectly normal to move in together

    • Now that I think about it some more, I love the idea of seeing her more often.

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  • if ur over at each others place 24/7 might as well save on some monthly bills lol